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There are many ways to find an image in the gallery.  If you uploaded the photo yourself regard to a book, all you need to do is hit "View My Photos" in the lower left of the gallery area.  All of your uploaded photos will appear there.  You can also search the photos by book SN#, a keyword, or even the town of the uploaded photo.
We plan on having several printings of the book during the course of the next several years.  During those printings, we may desire to use some other photos.  We will review our gallery for appropriate photos and contact those who may qualify.
At the present time, 20% of the net proceeds go to the six designated charities.  The net proceeds is calculated by taking how much the book was sold for and subtracting how much it cost to produce the book and the pen.  There are no marketing costs or additional adminstration fees reducing the net proceeds.
We encourage all our guests to use our upload features.  To provide the safest possible environment for our guests, especially children, our staff must approve each message and photo before allowing others to see it.  This approval process can take several minutes to several hours, depending on the availability of our moderators.  Because our site allows children to post information, we will not allow personal or inappropriate information to be posted. Our Terms and Conditions as well as our strict Privacy Policy are very clear on this matter.

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