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Have you ever been asked for an autograph? For most people, the answer is No.  

As a youngster, I would practice my signature over and over, preparing for the future in which I would be a famous athlete. Although my dream was never realized, I never forgot my desire of giving out my autograph.

During the Super Bowl in 2005, a commercial was aired depicting soldiers walking through an airport.  As they walked through the airport, a few claps turn into an ovation. If you do not remember this commercial, check it out here.

That commercial, and its popularity, strengthened my desire to come up with a way to show my gratitude towards our military.  I wanted to create a device that would allow people to show their gratitude to those individuals who provide us with our freedoms.

It is time we turn our attention to the real heroes, the ones who protect us from harm, and allow us to live in a safe and secure homeland. They work silently, without glory, and under the most extreme working conditions.

A decade long dream was realized in 2011 with the publication of the “The Silent Heroes Autograph Book.” I have created a simple yet effective tool in which you can approach military personnel and thank them in a way that is genuine and unique. Ask them for their autograph. Watch the reaction, and feel the sense of goodness inside by doing a good deed. The feeling will be contagious, and you will want to find the next soldier and do it again.

My goal is to start a revolution in this country, a revolution of showing our gratitude to the people who deserve it the most. Enjoy!!


                                             Rich Schoenfeld, President
                                             Silent Heroes

Silent Heroes
1111 Northumberland Ct
Wellington FL 33414
(800) 753-5126

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